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Elland Tyre & Exhaust have teamed up with DTUK

We've teamed up with DTUK who are the UK's leading vehicle tuning company. Elland Tyre & Exhaust are West Yorkshires approved supplier and installer of the full DTUK range of Intelligent multichannel petrol and diesel tuning boxes for your car, van or motor home.

Once you have bought and fitted your Petrol or Diesel Tuning Box you can expect between 20-40% more power and torque. You will also notice that your engine will run with a new smoothness that has to be driven to be believed. Low down "flat spots" will virtually disappear on your vehicle – we tune Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, Tractors, Trucks, Wagons and more - and will pull through the gears with much more ease. You should also see an improvement in your vehicles fuel economy too, usually a 10-15% improvement is achievable as your engines efficiency is optimised.

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New Ramps at Elland Tyre & Exhausts - Bring your sports cars down!

We have installed brand new ramps at Elland Tyre & Exhaist - this means that we can service the lowest of the low sports vehicles with the latest of equipment! We have so far has Ferarri's, Porshe's, Lotuses, BMW's and even classic sports cars up on these new ramps, so with our expert touch, we are the local trustworthy garage for you!

If you haven't yet bought your summer sports car, maybe you could get a few tips from Which? www.which.co.uk

Nitrogen for your Tyres - the benefits

You know you should check your tyre pressure regularly, but do you know why? Correct tyre pressures mean that your tyres grip the road as they should, incorrect tyre pressures can cause unnecessary wear on your tyres which means they could wear unevenly or even need replacing prematurely as well as lowering your fuel economy on the road; low tyre pressures can mean that your tyre creates more resistance to movement, this means that more energy is required to move your car meaning higher fuel consumption. This in turn means that maintaining your tyres at the correct pressure could help save you money on fuel and reduce the amount of CO2 you produce from your vehicle.

You might be aware that purified nitrogen has been used to inflate tyres on aircraft and racing cars for many years but does it really make sense for ordinary car and van tyres? The air we breathe (and the normal compressed air used to inflate tyres) contains 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% other gases. Filling tyres with Nitrogen means that your tyre pressure will remain correct for longer because the rate at which Nitrogen passes out the walls of your tyres is slower than oxygen.

You can find some interesting independant information and advice here: www.openonsunday.co.uk and if you want to book in to have your tyres expertly serviced by us, call us on: 01422 375 917or click the read more below.

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Elland Tyre & Exhaust Rebranded

You might have noticed if you are local to the area that Elland Tyre & Exhaust have had a facelift? The business is under new family run ownership, but we have maintained our friendly, trustworthy staff to continue to offer you the very best local service in the mechanics and motoring field. We have also made huge improvements to the business facilities, so keep your eyes peeled in our news section to see what excellent new facilities we can offer you!

We have added new ramps to allow us to work on low slung sports motors, Nitrogen Tyre system for accurate and consistent tyre pressure day to day, we are teaming up with DTUK to offer incredible vehicle tuning facilities to our repotoire! We will keep you informed of any new offers, reviews and facilities to come right here!

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